Nov 30, 2010

Turkey's growing face in the Middle East and World

Turkey's PM Erdogan visited Lebanon and met very warmly by Lebanese people. Turkey's solutions in the Middle East and peace messages looks serious in the Islamic world.

Erdogan's visiting Lebanon
Erdogan is known as a charismatic leader since elected in 2007 goes many reforms on Turkey's politic, challenge to old system and rebuild a national conversion. This action looks very fastly and different in eye of EU and USA. It's most effective step for reforms happen since republican history of Turkey. We confront with following question: 'What happens in Turkey?'

That sociological evidences supports that Turkey is most fast grows and creates a new system in the Middle East. This security officer of CIA's strategist expert George Friedman wrote a book: “Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21'st Century” and talked about new system of world in 100 years. He expresses that reality Turkey will be strongest power of the world in 20 years and then create a new unity in the Middle East in Islamic countries. Even he means seriously and suggest to learn Turkish language to have a power near of Turkey for future.

Turkey's peace policy challenges to United States' made wrong policy in the Iraq and Afghanistan and want to have this mission to configure by own. In history of Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, Turks had estanblished peace pigure union of nations' and theirs religions. Some thinkers talked about this reality; "Ottoman exited and peace exited.". 

Friedman's Turkey's map on future
At this time Turkey's successful foreign policy was effected and loaded a mission to be a leader of Islamic world. Turkish opinion leader Mr. Adnan Oktar expresses this unity model: Turkish-Islamic Union by Turkey. Turkey has a leadership experience in history and to have a brotherhood sense. We cannot see any muslim country have a political strategically to have this mission in this period. At least Turkey's moderate policy image and historical status shows a model for Middle East political space. Turkey's democratic and republic system was created to Turkey's light path. In the new mission of Turkey, the idea of secular and democracy are protected by Turkish people.
Lastly, Turkish government and people will be bridge model between of Europe democracy in Middle Eastern people at this modern time.

*Abdullah Korkmaz , 30 Nov 2010, Istanbul

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