Jun 24, 2011

Islamic Creationist Leader: Harun Yahya

"...[Harun Yahya] is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world. He has developed his own Islamic creationism."
(New Scientist Magazine,22 April 2001, United States of America )

New Scientist defined Harun Yahya as a creationist hero. Adnan Oktar used a pen name as a sign under of his books: Harun Yahya. He explained this Harun/Aaron is helper of Prophet Mosa and, Yahya/John the Baptist is a also helper of Jesus Christ. He said there is no any meaning to used these names.

He works to refute the Theory of Evolution and all materialistic philosophies which is take ideas to based Darwinism, Communism and Fascism; by what he express about.

He published a book to show his aganist about the theory of evolution in 1980's years. After that, He found many arguments to show this theory's falseness, "Piltdown Man" and "Nebraska Man". Many people thinks this theory were proven and supported by many scientists. But Oktar said: this is even not a theory, only is a religion as accepted paganic belief.

Adnan Oktar has many websites and even a national channel which broadcast 24 hours in Turkey. His sites are published almost in all languages, even an African language Kiswahili and Asian languages Sindhi and Bengali. His all e-books were free download from sites all over the world. He said 100 million books downloaded in 2009 from all sites.

MD. Oktar Babuna and students in Malaysia

Harun Yahya has many representatives who to organize conferences anywhere in the world. Mr. MD. Oktar Babuna is one of his close friends. He was invited from many universities by supporters of Yahya's works. He joined many talk-show to present strong evidences to refute evolution theory. He had met with Mr. Harun Yahya in mental hospital of Istanbul when he was a student in university.

Islam Denounces Terrorism
Yahya rejects Islamic terrorism, to based by Quran. He explains this so terrorists takes ideology from Darwinist philosophy. He said: If a person was educated so "human came from an ape", then a person may not think about humane values. So he has published that book 'Islam Denounces Terrorism' after 9/11 terrorist attacts. He presents Islamic morality to protect all people and its peace message. Today in the western world, many people debates about Islamic terrorism and Islamophobia. Harun Yahya as an intellectual leader rejects Islamic terror and this belief all over the world. His another book 'Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism' is important to see how to remove terrorism.

Harun Yahya is most popular author in muslim world. His books are very effective to see details of creation of living matters. Scientific discoveries shows the world was created from nothingness, "zero volume" and  "infinite density". The Big Bang Theory proves the creation of the universe. Mr. Yahya used that argument to write this book 'The Creation of the Universe'.

Author published many books based on scientific truths on biology, cosmology, philosophy, zoology, paleontology, history and political systems and about theirs background, and also on the Islamic values and faith. Harun Yahya has been the most effective muslim intellectual author of the Islamic world who is against to theory of evolution.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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