Jun 16, 2011

Turkish–Israeli relations after Davos and Mavi Marmara

Recep Tayyip Erdogan been again Prime Minister of the Turkey with 50% of votes in 2011 elections. He is a leader of the Turkey with majority votes. He stands very strong to some issues of Turkey and also on foreign policy.

during Peres listening Erdogan

Firstly, He talked very hard to Israeli PM Shimon Peres in the Davos Economic Forum. And then he  got a strong  leadership image in the Islamic world. After this event, many palestinian people hang up Turkish flags at everywhere to show Erdogan's strong posture. Many states shut up to no saying anything for Gaza people. This event been very effective to win Palestinian people's pride.

Some authors criticizes him so hard because of he answer so hard to some question of them. In the Turkey, some intellectuals discuss his political understanding and personality. He has known as a conservative in the Turkey. But His party cabinet is so tolerance and large to have different opinions.

When He won 2002 of elections the war started in the 2003. He had to done a strong foreign policy and specify a location near of Iraq or United States. People who was against to the war in Turkey wanted to be close to Iraq people. So government rejected for help to US Army. But There was a few negative status. Turkey chose a middle way for being impartial between of US and Israel. In the Middle East, there are two power: Israel and USA's overseas fleet formations; so Israel governs to arabic politicians and administrators with behind closed doors. Turkish policy is increasing the effectiveness in the Middle East. After of years; Turks are having old lands of Ottoman Empire with tolerance and love. At least; the people of the middle east are following news what happen in the Turkey. For example; Erdogan met so warmly by people when visited Lebanon and other Middle East countries. Israel State is worrying Turkey's rising policy in the Middle East.

An activist killed during the raid on the Mavi Marmara
Mavi Marmara, in the event Israel defends itself. IHH humanity foundation organized the aid campaign for Palestinian people. In international law, this is the crime to attack to force to seeing any dangerous events in international water. Israel state cannot explain this event to using law. How can Israel explain to stop a humanity aid? Many Turkish and activists people were killed by this attack. So after Israel seized the ship soldiers behaved so hard to these people. We have many evidences to show Israel's bloody policy in this event. 

Turkey and Palestine flags together
In the Davos; Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said "One Minute" to Isreal's holocaust and its bloody actions in the Palestinian's lands and he been most popular leader in the Arabic states. He won the humanitarian attitude all over the world. The relation of Turkey and Palestine has never existed so strong after 1960's years. Today Turkey is so easy saying something for freedom to exist with Palestine's people.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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