Jul 30, 2011

Richard Dawkins on Darwinian Society

Richard Dawkins is known as a supporter of Darwin's theory of evolution all over the world. He has written and published many books on topics of evolution of species. In the books, He argues very strict in the theory of evolution. He is also a notorious atheist who is disrespectful for all religions. He speaks in an ironic way with many religious scholars. He debates with many people who has different status of society. In these days, Turkish creationist leader Harun Yahya calls him to debate on public about evolution and creation. But, Richard Dawkins rejects this calling and he does not want to debate in front of public, a face-to-face. He said that "Yahya is not a scientist to debate to him." But, Dawkins likes to debate any kinds of faithful people.

Creationist's a call to Dawkins on a newspaper
Sometimes Richard Dawkins expresses about that Darwinian society's evils. He says that he does not want to live in a Darwinian society. He explains it this way Darwinian principle brings that way rich people oppress poor people, and also It's ruthless and injustice of free market economy. So he explains to be caused these evils by Darwinian thought.

Dawkins does not want to think that reality of what is origin of morality and justice and love. Human did not win the concept of morality by natural selection. In Darwinian philosophy there is no any existing process in nature by any power. Nature is a product of blind chance according to Darwin's opinion, and, this is a view that is based on atheism.

Many people says that Darwin's theory of evolution based on scientific facts. Darwin's views could not go further than a myth. On the other hand, millions of evidence proving the existence of a Creator. Many modern scientists explains that there are infinite signatures of Creator in the universe, even from galaxies to atomic particles. Modern physics has proven that the universe was created in conjunction with the Big Bang.

Richard Dawkins should think that world was not existed as a game. Eternity has begun...

Richard Dawkins' Atheist propaganda

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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