Jul 19, 2011

Sheikh Nazim and His sufism way

Sheikh Nazim's Global Sufism Community

Sheikh Nazim is born in Cyprus in 1922. He is a spiritual leader of Naqshbandi order all over the world. He studied department of Chemical Engineering in Istanbul University and also studied spiritual teaches from Great Islamic Masters. His first Sufi Master is Abdullah ad-Daghestani. Nazim said that he took many spiritual knowledge by Master Abdullah.

Naqshbandi way is famous an Islamic spiritual community all over the world. They follow the Sunnah and Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) words who has instituted by Great Master Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari. However, there are many Great Masters to lead Islamic people in the Islamic history. Naqshband Bukhari is one another Great scholar of the Islamic world.

Sheikh Nazim as a student
Naqshbandi followers have some religious rituals to pray to Allah, it is expressed "dhikr". These rituals are maintained since the time of Prophet Muhammad (saas). Hazrat Abu Bakr is known as the first leader of the dhikr; because of he has learned directy by Prophet while they were in the emigration, cave; according to Islamic literature. Prophet Muhammad said that Hazrat Abu Bakr is the nearest person of the companions of His (saas). Even Prophet said he is the top of the companions; because of he was first muslim and been best helper of the Prophet (saas) in hard times.

Today Sheikh Nazim lives in the Cyprus, and he warmly welcomes to all muslim and non-muslims in his house, and makes conversation in his dargah. He is visited by thousands of people from all around the world since many years. He is visited by political leaders and scientists, artists, pop singers  and many people of which has different status, in the Lefka town of Cyprus. His messages are so impressive for all people who listen him. He often have live broadcast in different languages from his house in Santanat Tv in website.

Sheikh Nazim has traveled to introduce of the Islam to many places of the world on some dates. First he has traveled to United States. He was welcomed very warmly by some foundation and Faith Centers. After he talked sincerely about Islam these thousands of university students converted to Islam in the United States.

A meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
His followers established many dargahs (Sufi meeting rooms) all over the world, from the Malaysia
to the  United States. The followers works very good to present Islamic teachings and morality values. Many political and religious leaders supports that organization workings and implements their dialogue ideas between religions. For example, Master Sheikh Nazim has met with Pope Benedict XVI and they gave the message to accept the belief in only one God and dialogue relation between Islam and Christianity. Sheikh Nazim said that when Jesus (pbuh) returns to the Earth then all believers will connect in belief of one religion (Islam).

Sheikh Nazim always gives a message of love and peace to be against bigot and terror to based of the Quran. Master Sheikh Nazim has most disciple of millions all over the world. These disciples are very polite and educated and has high morality.

*Abdullah Korkmaz 

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