Sep 12, 2011

Erdogan's tour on Arab Spring countries

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan will start to tour to Arab countries which is lived Arab Spring in this week. This means that Turkey supports these nations' moves to build a new system in the own countries.

Erdogan's government often talks about a new policy for Mideast. When he starts to criticize openly about  Israel's bloody policy, so that he won a strong support of arab public, also with Arab Spring countries. Today he stands very effective personality for Mideast countries also in almost all Islamic states. His political opinions rejects and works to stop injustice and that killing policy in Islamic world. Turkish people gave him a way with last election for this in next period.

A jewish rejects bloody Zionism policy
Today many western thinker discusses on Turkey's fastly rise in world policy. So Turkey emerges very strong with the rise of emerging economic power and wins a support of many countries with warmly policy. However, Turkey's new mission will shape with visible actions to world policy in next period. The countries which is lived Arab Spring takes an ideological model from moderate politic values of the Turkey. Turkey always has existed as a model state to Mideast countries; but in this time, Arab states steps more careful to win real democracy and to be aganist to dictatorship and radicalism.

Now Erdogan is ready to give some messages to new Egypt's state. After this, Arab-Israeli relations will be entering a new era with Erdogan's expresses.

Many western journalist criticizes very hard about Israel's that attitude is to reject to apologize to Turkey for Mavi Marmara raid. Israel's government has lost prestige in world opinion. But Turkey's peaceful policy is appreciated by many countries.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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