Sep 18, 2011

Rising political values in Muslim countries

Muslim countries has followed political values very different way according to Western political understanding. So Islamic tradition has been very effective in to shaping of this issue. There is a faith on the understanding of Islamic governance. This is the caliphate (Khilafat) institution. The Ottoman Empire managed to maintain this mission for 400 years. According to Islam, the Khilafat is an institution that are maintained in one hand of management general decisions. Today, this institution has lost functionality. Islamic countries determined own decisions as a result of the first world war have been without Khilafat. However, many Arab intellectuals and politicians embraced the understanding of 'Arab nationalism' after Ottoman's Khilafat. After this, the Arab leaders has started to govern their countries with a oppressive attitude.

On the other hand, until recently, many Muslim statesman followed a way to kill their own people with a cruel policy. In many Muslim countries, the anarchy and blood still has not stopped since nearly one hundred years. In the Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somali, Libya and in many Muslim countries, are still very violent clashes continues.

Terrorism is a big problem for the Western people, both Muslims. However, western society very like to discuss this concept about Islamic terrorism. This idea was expressed in a way very hard after the September 11 attacks. But today, almost all muslim scholars talks about that the Islamic belief never cannot accept to kill innocent people and even denounces this way. Perhaps the Western society may be relieved from these explanations. Today, religious radicalism is not be a problem just for Muslims. So we can say this reality there are also many radicalist opinions in western countries. Peace idea of civilizations in the emerging of this way is important once again. These ideas must actively be supported by all states.

The period of Arab Spring is very important actions to win to real political values and destroy undemocratic practices by people power. The systems of dictator leaders are collapsing now. I believe that those states shall take steps more stable for the future.

So the Islamic world must get out from hegemony of the Western's expansionist. I do not know whether the Islamic world ready for a new union. But, this is clearly to say the Islamic world will be more powerful for new period. Therefore, Turkey is taking very strong steps for the establishment of this union during this period. Turkey's peaceful face builds a mission on Mideast countries. So we can say that architect of this idea is Turkish Hero Erdogan who owns a great unity mission for these lands.

Erdogan's tour in the Libya
Turkish PM Erdogan founded AKP (The Justice and Development Party),  in 2001 and, he won the
election  in the 2002 elections with very high rate of voting. He has passed many difficult political challenges until now. Now he won the love and support of Turkish people; and people showed it with 50% votes in the last elections. Also in many muslim countries, he is known as a charismatic leader.

Erdogan is very effective on many issues as a political leader in the Turkey and world. He took many decisive steps in the development of Turkey's policy. Firstly he has reformed on the civil-military relations and removed the military intervention to democracy. Turkey has witnessed major political and social advances in many ways by his government. He is appreciated by many politicians and intellectuals, because of conducted a strong foreign policy of Turkey of all over the world.

His visiting for Arab Spring countries presents a message to people of those countries and western politician. He challenged very hard to Israel's bloody policy and Western colonial understanding in the Libya. For me; this means that just calls a real justice for all nations. Many people discuss his opinions for future of world policy.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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