Jul 30, 2011

Richard Dawkins on Darwinian Society

Richard Dawkins is known as a supporter of Darwin's theory of evolution all over the world. He has written and published many books on topics of evolution of species. In the books, He argues very strict in the theory of evolution. He is also a notorious atheist who is disrespectful for all religions. He speaks in an ironic way with many religious scholars. He debates with many people who has different status of society. In these days, Turkish creationist leader Harun Yahya calls him to debate on public about evolution and creation. But, Richard Dawkins rejects this calling and he does not want to debate in front of public, a face-to-face. He said that "Yahya is not a scientist to debate to him." But, Dawkins likes to debate any kinds of faithful people.

Creationist's a call to Dawkins on a newspaper
Sometimes Richard Dawkins expresses about that Darwinian society's evils. He says that he does not want to live in a Darwinian society. He explains it this way Darwinian principle brings that way rich people oppress poor people, and also It's ruthless and injustice of free market economy. So he explains to be caused these evils by Darwinian thought.

Dawkins does not want to think that reality of what is origin of morality and justice and love. Human did not win the concept of morality by natural selection. In Darwinian philosophy there is no any existing process in nature by any power. Nature is a product of blind chance according to Darwin's opinion, and, this is a view that is based on atheism.

Many people says that Darwin's theory of evolution based on scientific facts. Darwin's views could not go further than a myth. On the other hand, millions of evidence proving the existence of a Creator. Many modern scientists explains that there are infinite signatures of Creator in the universe, even from galaxies to atomic particles. Modern physics has proven that the universe was created in conjunction with the Big Bang.

Richard Dawkins should think that world was not existed as a game. Eternity has begun...

Richard Dawkins' Atheist propaganda

*Abdullah Korkmaz

Jul 19, 2011

Sheikh Nazim and His sufism way

Sheikh Nazim's Global Sufism Community

Sheikh Nazim is born in Cyprus in 1922. He is a spiritual leader of Naqshbandi order all over the world. He studied department of Chemical Engineering in Istanbul University and also studied spiritual teaches from Great Islamic Masters. His first Sufi Master is Abdullah ad-Daghestani. Nazim said that he took many spiritual knowledge by Master Abdullah.

Naqshbandi way is famous an Islamic spiritual community all over the world. They follow the Sunnah and Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) words who has instituted by Great Master Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari. However, there are many Great Masters to lead Islamic people in the Islamic history. Naqshband Bukhari is one another Great scholar of the Islamic world.

Sheikh Nazim as a student
Naqshbandi followers have some religious rituals to pray to Allah, it is expressed "dhikr". These rituals are maintained since the time of Prophet Muhammad (saas). Hazrat Abu Bakr is known as the first leader of the dhikr; because of he has learned directy by Prophet while they were in the emigration, cave; according to Islamic literature. Prophet Muhammad said that Hazrat Abu Bakr is the nearest person of the companions of His (saas). Even Prophet said he is the top of the companions; because of he was first muslim and been best helper of the Prophet (saas) in hard times.

Today Sheikh Nazim lives in the Cyprus, and he warmly welcomes to all muslim and non-muslims in his house, and makes conversation in his dargah. He is visited by thousands of people from all around the world since many years. He is visited by political leaders and scientists, artists, pop singers  and many people of which has different status, in the Lefka town of Cyprus. His messages are so impressive for all people who listen him. He often have live broadcast in different languages from his house in Santanat Tv in website.

Sheikh Nazim has traveled to introduce of the Islam to many places of the world on some dates. First he has traveled to United States. He was welcomed very warmly by some foundation and Faith Centers. After he talked sincerely about Islam these thousands of university students converted to Islam in the United States.

A meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
His followers established many dargahs (Sufi meeting rooms) all over the world, from the Malaysia
to the  United States. The followers works very good to present Islamic teachings and morality values. Many political and religious leaders supports that organization workings and implements their dialogue ideas between religions. For example, Master Sheikh Nazim has met with Pope Benedict XVI and they gave the message to accept the belief in only one God and dialogue relation between Islam and Christianity. Sheikh Nazim said that when Jesus (pbuh) returns to the Earth then all believers will connect in belief of one religion (Islam).

Sheikh Nazim always gives a message of love and peace to be against bigot and terror to based of the Quran. Master Sheikh Nazim has most disciple of millions all over the world. These disciples are very polite and educated and has high morality.

*Abdullah Korkmaz 

Jul 11, 2011

Evolution is a myth?

How did life begin in the Earth?

We have two opinions about this question. First opinion is the creation of everything by God and to refer this idea to base by Holy Books. Creationism is meaning that everything was created perfectly on all details. So this opinion finds a very strong ground, because of, scientific discoveries proved the world was created from nothingness. It's name is the theory of Big Bang. On the basis of this theory, the universe doesn't have a static status and the it's expanding. So that, science has proved firstly all universe comes from nothingness. Holy Books always had a belief about the creation of universe. Today, this belief are supported also by many scientific discoveries. However, the science agrees about that: "Creation". But, some scientist doesn't want to accept this reality. For example John Maddox said about that:

"Apart from being philosophically unacceptable, the Big Bang is an over-simple view of how the Universe began, and it is unlikely to survive the decade ahead..."
("Down with the Big Bang", John Maddox, editor of Nature, Nature 340, 1989, p. 425)

Theory of existence of galaxies
Creationists says there are many details in the nature to see clearly an Intellegent Design.
Darwin's  theory is based that nature is evolving and species comes from a single common ancestor. According to him, nature replicates itself by itself by chance. So there is no any designer in the nature, according to him.

The theory of evolution was put forward to find a support for the ideology of the atheist philosophy. Today, famous atheist and darwinist Richard Dawkins explains this by saying:  "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." (Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker, 1986, p. 6)

The Darwinism cannot explain that how life existed in the Earth because, the life cannot exist by *accident. The Darwinian's idea work to explain origin of life but since long years there is no any single evidence about that. However, Dawkins sometimes stated that the life has began by 'high civilizations' and they sent a life to earth, he said. So we are talking about scientific facts takes us to think that life comes so complex on all details.

Giraffe is same as millions of years
Darwin said that adaptation makes alives to suit life status. Suitable living things, evolve a suitable environment. Natural selection makes that strongest alives stays in nature. But Natural Selection does not create a new species; it just eliminates the weaker species. A deer never can evolved to a giraffe by Natural Selection. DNA replication never allow this to happen so.

In the other hand, there are millions of fossil records to prove living creatures; never evolved and shows that living creatures existed at a moment. Fossil records are the most important a piece of evidence that shows one of the oldest living creatures. When we looked to fossils they proved a perfectly creation and design of living creatures since millions years and never existed an evolution. Evolutionists says that we must find many transitional forms by fossil records to prove existence of  the theory of evolution; but today there is no any transitional form in fossil records.

Evolutionists sometimes refers to fraud to make a sensation in science world. Piltdown Man is one of these fakes. They mounted an orangutan jaw to human skull. The theory of evolution is still endeavored to be supported by some institutions. Today scientific evidence proves that DNA preserves a great memory up to one million encyclopedic. Materialist philosophy was removed in a period of history by the Big Bang. Today, biology, astronomy and physics, along with developments in, scientists says about facts of creation:

"At all events, we should say, in summing up, that, according to everything taught by the exact sciences about the immense realm of nature in which our tiny planet plays an insignificant role, a certain order prevails - one independent of the human mind. Yet, in so far as we are able to ascertain through our senses, this order can be formulated in terms of purposeful activity. There is evidence of an intelligent order of the universe."
(Max Planck, May 1937 address, quoted in A. Barth, The Creation (1968), p. 144)

Famous physicist Einstein refers that the scientific facts proves the existence of a great order in the universe.

"Well, a priori [reasoning from cause to effect] one should expect that the world would be rendered lawful [obedient to law and order] only to the extent that we [human beings] intervene with our ordering intelligence... [But instead we find] in the objective world a high degree of order that we were a priori in no way authorized to expect. This is the 'miracle' that is strengthened more and more with the development of our knowledge."
(Albert Einstein, Letters to Maurice Solovine, 1956, p. 114-115 )

*Accident is meaning that life comes from anything without to have any purpose by any power.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

Jul 4, 2011

“Komünist Manifesto” üzerine...

Marx ve Engels'in Komünist Manifestosu

    Mark ve Engels’in bu manifestoyu yazmış olmalarında, Avrupa’da komünizm fikrinin zemin bulduğunu ve bunun en yakın zamanda kitlesel olarak yayılacağını ön görmüş olmalarıdır. İngiltere, Fransa gibi ülkelerde yaşanan endüstri gelişimleri ve işçi sınıfının durumu, sosyolojik olarak değerlendirilmesi gereken bir konu haline geldi. İşçi sınıfının çok zor şartlarda çalıştırıldığını ve emeğinin karşılığı alamadıklarını değerlendiren düşünürler, bunun kaçınılmaz olarak patlak vereceğini görmüşlerdir. Tamamen mülkiyet ve emek odaklı gelişen komünizm düşüncesi ezen ve ezilen düşüncesinden de gelmektedir.

    Tarihin diyalektiği anlayışı her dönem için geçerli olmuştur. Komünizm ve Kapitalizm de bunun 19. yüzyıl uygulamaları olarak başlamıştır. Fakat modern dönemde liberalizm ile birlikte kapitalizm egemen bir anlayış olarak kabul görmüştür. 19. yüzyılın sosyal yapısı, komünizm anlayışı için ideal görülüyordu. Bunun kaçınılmaz olduğunu belirtmekteydiler düşünürler.

İşçi sınıfı
    Mülkiyet anlayışı tarih içersinde değişimlere uğramıştır. Fransız Devrimi’nin getirdiği özel  mülkiyetin sınırlandırılması ve denetlenmesi gibi konularla komünizm anlayışında ise burjuvazi mülkiyet anlayışının tamamen kaldırılması fikri ön görülmüştür. Özel mülkiyetin tamamen kaldırılmasında, burjuvazi anlayışının halkı ezmesinde yatmaktadır. Modern dönemde ise kapitalist uygulama kendisini her ne kadar özgürlükçü göstermişse de halkı tutsak etmiştir. Modern köle veya anlaşmalı köle diye adlandırabileceğimiz uygulamayı dayatmaktadır.
    Komünist Manifesto’da dikkat çeken önemli iki sosyal terim kullanılmaktadır: Burjuvazi toplumu ve işçi toplumu. Burjuvazi toplumunda sermaye kişiseldir. Sermayenin özgür biçimde kullanmasını temel alır. Modern dönemde bunun uygulanması kapitalizmdir. Kapitalizm, temelinde serbestlik yatmaktadır. Manifestoya göre bu serbestlik aslında birilerini korumakta, birilerini de bağımlı hale getirme veya özgürlüğünü kısıtlamaktadır. Bunun özgürlük olmadığını dile getirmektedirler. Bir diğer sorun da emeğin satılması fikri olmuştur.  

    Günümüzde özel mülkiyet uygulaması geçerliliğini korumakta ve bazı yaptırımlarla kişisel haklar korunabilmektedir. Sosyal hayatın temeline birey hakları konmuştur. Manifestonun yayınlandığı dönemin toplumsal yapısı bazı sorunların başlangıcı ve bu sorunların ileriki yıllarda baş göstereceğini öngördü. Bu dönem sadece işçi-patron temelli bir değerlendirme konusu değildir. İngiltere sanayisini hızla geliştirmesi, gelişimin ve büyümenin adımları olarak görülüyordu. Fakat bu gelişim birçok sorunu da beraberinde getirdi. Sanayi toplumu olan yapı kendisini canavara çevirmiştir. Aynı zamanda 20. ve 21. yüzyıl uygulamaları da sosyal adaletin sağlanabileceği yüzyıllar olarak görüldü. Dünya, düşünce olarak kutuplara bölünerek kapitalizm uygulaması vahşi bir görünüm aldı. Tarihsel diyalektik düşüncesinin temelinde de bu uygulama yer almaktadır.

      19. yüzyılda gelişerek gelen bu akım günümüzün sosyal, ekonomik ve kültürel hayatına her yönden etkileri olmuştur.

*Abdullah Korkmaz

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