Aug 11, 2012

Turkish delegation visits the Arakan region in Myanmar

A few days ago, Turkish FM Davutoglu and lady Erdogan, have been in Myanmar to deliver the aid campaign of the Turkish Red Crescent to Rohingya muslims and also met with Myanmar government officials.

In these days Turkish Government is interested more sensitivity to human rights from other muslim countries. Turkish PM Erdogan acts more careful and sensitivity in this regard as his party policy. In the Arakan, Somali and even still in the border of Syria, Turkey shows more clear importance of human rights to all over the world. Clearly I can say that, global human rights organizations has lagged far behind Turkey's aid at this period. This is most important to shape a responsibility sense to all nations.

The Arakan regional muslim people are to face many difficulties to survive with racist buddhists. They have suffered from a lot of torture and genocide since long time. The United Nations, particularly the muslim countries recognized this genocide and violation of human rights too late. However, Rohingya muslims are not just one community to face with genocide and torture in the world, we should remember that, there are most muslim countries face many problems all over the world; for example: in Moro Island, Pattani, Syria, Afghanistan and more...

The United Nations announced to world press about what happens in Arakan region. But in the other refugees. The United Nations' policy always exists different point of view for muslim people. The United Nations' the reliability has become an institution on discuss in this regard.
Rohingyas protests Myanmar Govt.
hand, after this there is still  no any action to for  a solution for

Turkish delegation met very warmly in refugees camp and people shows them how much need to have each other because of muslim relationship. Turkey's those sincerely activities must be example to show muslim cooperation to other muslim states.

Some Photos From Visiting

Turkish FM Davutoglu meet with Rohingyas

Mrs. Emine Erdoğan embraces a Rohingya women
while she visiting camps in Arakan.

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